• Episode 34:

    Interview with Fede Sandler

    In the 34th episode of Investing With The Whales, I interview Fede Sandler, ex-Mercado Libre and Nubank employee, who also worked on Nubank IPO.


    Follow Fede on Twitter for more information about Mercado Libre, Nubank, and other LatAm companies.


    Topics discussed: Fede’s background, Mercado Libre evolution, moat, distribution network, unions in South America, Meli’s biggest risk, additional opportunities, acquisitions, Nubank’s IPO, NPS, moat, marketing, expansion, other Latin America’s public companies, stock-based compensation in Latam companies, management in both companies, the economy in Latam, loans on the balance sheet


    Stocks covered in detail: MELI, NU, PAGS, STNE