• Episode 11:

    Interview with Theta Warrior


    In the 11th episode of Investing With The Whales, I interview Theta Warrior.

    Follow Theta Warrior on Twitter at https://twitter.com/ThetaWarrior and subscribe to Theta Warrior Elite service at https://twitter.com/ThetaWarriorPro.


    Topics discussed: why Theta Warrior, why anonymous on Twitter, options trading for a living, technical analysis, options strategy, tech stocks with high liquidity, uptrends, different technical analysis patterns, options flow tools, puts strategy, holding period, day trading, earnings strategy, number of open contracts at a given time, covered calls / covered puts, the ‘wheel’ strategy, iron condor strategy, leaps strategy, swing trading, trimming strategy, risk management in options trading, options vs. equity investing, biggest mistakes trading options, Theta Warrior Elite service, top-down approach.


    Stocks discussed in detail: SPY, CELH, TSLA, ETSY, INSP, CROX, AMD, JEPI


    Stocks mentioned: TSLA, AMZN, DOCN, MSFT, META, NVDA